The Work Happiness workshop takes your employees through fun activities, specific exercises and positive skill sets that increase happiness at work. The workshop will lead to increased communication and connectivity among employees and you will see a rise in overall job satisfaction and happiness across the board. Keynote video and facilitation instruction is included.

The steps are easy to follow. The results are priceless.

Here’s an Interview with Jody that will give you a few tips about being happier at work. 

    Length: 3-6 hours

    Work Happiness Workshop

    This course is best facilitated first. It works best in a smaller group/team environment. It has been adapted to work via Zoom.

    The course license is for a maximum of 10 people per session.

    Please purchase the unlimited license if you wish to repeat the workshop throughout your organization’s various teams/locations.

    Note: If you wish to have Jody oversee your facilitation of the workshop via Zoom or Skype, please add the Virtual Facilitation feature to your purchase. RECOMMENDED

    If you would like to have Jody come to your organization to conduct the workshop in person, please add Invite Jody to your purchase. T&E is not included. Separate Keynote is not included in the Invite Jody feature. DELIVERED IN PERSON OR VIA ZOOM.