Employee Engagement Workshop

Are your employees leaving? Do you want to stop mass exits?

Did you know that you lose as much as $18,000 every time a mid-level employee leaves? Higher titles cost much more, including lost revenue with every exodus.

Do you want to increase loyalty, contributions and overall happiness of your entire workforce?

Then the EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT workshop is for you.

It will bring passion, creativity, loyalty and fun into your company. No more employee exits.

This is an in-person workshop only.

The results are priceless. 

Watch the video to learn more.

    Length: 3-6 hours

    This workshop is best facilitated after the WORK HAPPINESS WORKSHOP and before the COLLABORATION WORKSHOP.

    The course license is for one office location with unlimited usage. It is recommended to have groups of 10- 20 per workshop.

    Please purchase the unlimited license if you wish to repeat the workshop throughout your organization’s various locations.

    Note: If you wish to have Jody oversee your facilitation of the workshop via Zoom or Skype, please add the Virtual Facilitation feature to your purchase.

    If you would like to have Jody come to your organization to conduct the workshop in person, please add Invite Jody to your purchase. T&E is not included. Separate Keynote is not included in the Invite Jody feature. 

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