Eliminating Alzheimer’s For Good! An Interview With Dr. Dale Bredesen

I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Dale Bredesen, PhD. for my top-ranked podcast, The MISOGI Method – Experience a New Comfort Zone.

Dr. Bredesen has been researching the causes of and the methods for eliminating Alzheimer’s disease. It has taken him three decades, but it has been worth his perseverance.

Dr. Bredesen has proven that if you continuously step far outside your comfort zone, you can achieve amazing things.

And Dr.Bredesen has by finding a way to reverse Alzheimer’s. As of this blog and our interview, he has been successful with more than 200 patients.

My own father developed Alzheimer’s in his 80s, which makes this interview very personal for me. As a result, I am on a recode protocol diet that is designed to slow down any onset of cognitive decline should I be genetically disposed. The question for me is, do I get tested for the dreaded gene? I am still thinking about it.

If you or a loved one has, or is predisposed to developing Alzheimer’s, please listen to my interview with Dr. Bredesen.

Additionally, if you know of someone who has this disease in their family, please pass on the interview.

Further, if you have doctor friends who treat Alzheimer’s patients, they too can benefit from Dr. Bredesen’s research and by reading about and sharing his solutions with their patients.

You can also buy Dr. Bredesen’s bestselling book, The End of Alzheimer’s on Amazon.

My dream is for Alzheimer’s to be wiped out on this planet so that we can all have peak cognitive function throughout our lifetimes. I believe, through Dr. Bredensen’s research and application that we will get there as a society in my lifetime.