Santa Barbara/Montecito Mudslides Update – This is Where I live

Santa Barbara/Montecito Mudslides Update – This is Where I live

First the Thomas Fires, then the mudslides.

While I am safe, as I live midway up the hill in Santa Barbara, I am a short distance from Montecito and the mudslides.

I have friends who lost family and friends.

I will be attending the vigil this evening at 5pm at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.
Photo: Thomas Fires:
Photo: Highway 101 by Olive Mill Road overpass from mudslides (still closed – no timeline as to reopening)
Photo: Dog looking for survivors in a home affected by the Montecito mudslides

Yesterday i sort of bent the law by riding my fat tire bike on the beach and past the non enter zones. I did not disrupt any ongoing efforts, yet as I shifted over from the beach ot the railroad tracks, I saw a large crane digging out mud (at least 4 feet deep) that had trapped a van which had landed next to the train tracks.

The van must have been carried by the mudslide, over the freeway and down along the side of the tracks.

Whomever had been in the van must have exited when it happened.

I grieve for all the victims and their families, yet I celebrate the heroic efforts of the first responders, firefighters, police, CalTrans, Santa Barbara and Montecito officals, all the volunteers, the dogs who find people and help save them.

I am sad and still in a state of shock.

Please hold those you love close. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger and give back to your communities however and whenever you can.

Bless us one and all.