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“An ancient Shinto ritual evolves into a method for achieving peak performance, meaning and happiness. Based on scientific research and real life examples. What will your MISOGI be?”

“Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.” – Steve Jobs

This powerful presentation is the essence of what I learned from attending numerous writing workshops from global bestselling authors. I became a bestselling author as a result, and you can too. It took me a long time to condense the essence of what you need to become a bestseller. Every word in this presentation matters. It comes from the best of the best authors whom I have learned directly from. I hope it helps you become number one.


“Laugh out loud moments and enough intriguing twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages.”

Jersey Girl Book Review

“Wow, this book was amazing. It was like no Chick Lit book I’ve ever read before. It had great characters, especially Chatham.  I could totally relate to her because I know what it’s like to have No Time.”

Melina’s Book Blog


” A lock, a key and a promise. What will it take to guarantee forever?”

Summit Kennedy is born into a deceptive circle of money and privilege, where her every move is dictated. When she resists, bad things happen.  

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