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Jody B. Miller has been featured in and/or contributes to Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, CEO Magazine, Ignites Financial, YPO, HuffPost, HR.com, 10-Minute Marketer, Times Free Press, National Wellness Institute, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and much more.

She writes bestselling books about finding meaning and happiness in work and life. Books like HIRED!From Drift to SHIFT, and The MISOGI Method, book based on her successful TEDx talk, the BIG little book of happiness series, and more.

Jody is a Keynote Speaker at companies and conferences around the world, and has her own hosted podcast called, 

The MISOGI Method, Experience a New Comfort Zone.

The MISOGO Method has consistently ranked in the top 100 in iTunes Society and Culture category and has ranked as high as #5, right behind Oprah and Malcolm Gladwell’s podcasts. 

Here’s what people are saying:

“Jody has developed researched/proven theories for creating engaging cultures. Jody brings great energy and insights and is such a pleasure to partner with.” – Lorraine R., Founding Partner, Leading Technology Company

“If you want to find real happiness in your work, Jody is the best at showing you how.” – Allison M.,  Director of Human Resources

“Jody is keen at understanding what people really want out of work and life and she transfers that knowledge to leading companies by helping them develop cultures where people want to work. This can be difficult in global companies with many divisions and turfs, but she is intuitive and knows how to get people collaborating.”– Greg C., CFO and SVP of Corporate Development 

“Miller nails it with how to change your work and personal life so that you find meaning, balance, and happiness.” – Peter O., Investor, Private Equity 

Have you ever had someone who really understands employee happiness from both sides of the table take you by the hand and show you the path to a higher level of excellence and fulfillment with your workforce?

Jody and her team have helped recruit top talent for leading corporations around the world. She implements employee happiness measurement systems, designs and facilitates employee engagement strategies and workshops that drive employee engagement throughout corporations, and has had earlier careers in investment banking, software  and television. She knows recruiting and retaining talent from both sides of the table.

And now Jody is bringing her 35+ years of WORK HAPPINESS expertise, research and proven strategies to you with ENGAGE!, so that you can start molding your best workforce yet!

When you subscribe to ENGAGE!, you receive the same training and tools Jody gives her private corporate clients.

Jody cannot be at every company at once, in fact, all of her talks, interviews and workshops are via ZOOM or audio/radio currently, so this is her way of spreading the success of her programs and sharing her successful employee engagement strategies and methods with you right now.

While every company is different, which is why Jody is invited to speak, study, design workshops for and consult for companies around the world, with ENGAGE! she compiles the best information possible that can be successfully used in any company, anywhere.