FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT – Speaking Engagement

FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT – Speaking Engagement

My book, FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT: HOW CHANGE CAN BRING TRUE MEANING AND HAPPINESS TO YOUR WORK AND LIFE is ready for pre-order. It is my third non fiction book. I will have my fourth book about work/life happiness coming out in 2018.

I have also written and published a novel and have several more in the works.

The publishing process is methodical and fun.

I have pre-release copies from my publisher and am excited as the book will initially be released globally in EBook form. Based on sales, bookstores will order their batch of hardcover, softcover and audiobooks. But you can pre-order a softcover copy, signed by me and dedicated to you, today!

I love the entire publishing process; but to be perfectly honest, I LOVE speaking about the book to students, corporations, parents and professionals most.

The messages in FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT and the stories of the amazing people in the book who have made their SHIFT are so inspirational to me that I want teach person’s work and life shifts to bring them meaning and happiness.

It’s all about embracing change, delivering hope and inspiration so that you can be confident that your own SHIFT will lead you to happiness in your life. And it’s about knowing that YOU MATTER.

I just returned from La Jolla where I attended a meditation/yoga/inspirational retreat and gave a talk about my book. People attended from all over the country (and Canada). I can’t wait to continue to connect with new members of my tribe.

My 2017 speaking schedule is filling fast.

If you are interested in having me speak to your organization, non profit, corporation, school, or even book group, please reach out to my Publicity Firm, Wasabi Publicity.

For now, know that you are unique and the gifts you have to offer the world are like no one else on this planet. You have a great journey ahead of you!