Leadership Skills During COVID-19: How to Keep Employees Connected

The one thing that is incredibly important is the power of human connection. Leadership right now is particularly important. You know people are working from home, people are feeling insecure, many of us have become caretakers, and so there’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of pressure, which is why communication is so critical right now. In the absence of communication, people allow their own stories to form, or they start to form their own version of reality.

It’s important to be transparent. It’s important to be open. It’s also important to share what you know now, knowing that it may change.

Part of communication is also listening. That Friday afternoon kind of show-and-tell session, making sure that we continue to have this human connection, one to one, to small groups.

One to many is really critical: Employees, customers partners gravitate towards people who show up authentically and are true to themselves through all of this.

Marie Rosecrans, SVP and SMB Marketing expert at Salesforce, reveals there’s no option to opt out of communication and human connection in order to be an effective leader during COVID-19.

Source : Youtube

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