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Eliminating Alzheimer’s For Good! An Interview With Dr. Dale Bredesen

I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Dale Bredesen, PhD. for my top-ranked podcast, The MISOGI Method – Experience a New Comfort Zone.

Dr. Bredesen has been researching the causes of and the methods for eliminating Alzheimer’s disease. It has taken him three decades, but it has been worth his perseverance.

Dr. Bredesen has proven that if you continuously step far outside your comfort zone, you can achieve amazing things.

And Dr.Bredesen has by finding a way to reverse Alzheimer’s. As of this blog and our interview, he has been successful with more than 200 patients.

My own father developed Alzheimer’s in his 80s, which makes this interview very personal for me. As a result, I am on a recode protocol diet that is designed to slow down any onset of cognitive decline should I be genetically disposed. The question for me is, do I get tested for the dreaded gene? I am still thinking about it.

If you or a loved one has, or is predisposed to developing Alzheimer’s, please listen to my interview with Dr. Bredesen.

Additionally, if you know of someone who has this disease in their family, please pass on the interview.

Further, if you have doctor friends who treat Alzheimer’s patients, they too can benefit from Dr. Bredesen’s research and by reading about and sharing his solutions with their patients.

You can also buy Dr. Bredesen’s bestselling book, The End of Alzheimer’s on Amazon.

My dream is for Alzheimer’s to be wiped out on this planet so that we can all have peak cognitive function throughout our lifetimes. I believe, through Dr. Bredensen’s research and application that we will get there as a society in my lifetime.


How Putting Fun on Your Calendar Will Make You More Successful



You put some fun on your calendar!

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Life is All About Going For The BIG REACH!

Here I am literally going for the big reach, the way NBA Basketball players, Major League Baseball and NFL Football Players reach.

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How high are you willing to reach to get what you want in life?

Reach The MISOGI Method to figure out your big reach!


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More Reviews of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’

“As a qualified life coach and a career consultant, Jody Miller has used experiences to infuse the book with many helpful ideas to find true purpose in your personal and professional life.” – K.Chun


“The more I read, the more I fall into the book. It’s not only a self-help book but a friend, who tells us a lot of personal stories, keeps encouraging and inspiring us on our path to achieve any goals in our life. It’s actually open and direct to my heart. “Everyone has a story to tell.” Jody said in the very first lines, and so, she brings us eight stories from eight incredible people who have overcome struggles and obstacles, and lived their own happy and meaningful lives from day-to-day.” – Cam 


“I found myself immersed in reading about all those life-changing experiences of people from all walks of life, finding out that each provided the reader with a whole variety of different lessons. The author’s transitions from narrating to addressing questions and her thoughts directly to the reader prompted me to look deeper in myself and gain a higher level of self-understanding.

Also, loved the extra content at the book’s final pages, an additional dose of supportive and helpful content!” – Umbra


“It was to my pleasant surprise that this was such a quick and interesting read, sprinkled with outside references to back up Miller’s point in a way that is both academic and refreshing.

It cannot be undersold that From Drift to Shift is engaging in a way that won’t feel like homework.” – Thanon


“This book, in my opinion, will hit home with the millions of people who are enduring 9-5 jobs that they actually don’t like or are stuck in relationships with people they don’t love. A shift in the right direction can enable us to have it all!” – Edwin


“The author does an excellent job of showing how all are equal. It does not matter if you come from a prominent family or are born into difficult circumstances. The book also talks about how it does not matter how you came to your circumstances or created them. “Sometimes we regret what we do to survive, and sometimes we have to do what we do to survive.” The author’s advice in the first section is “recognizing how to make a shift and then figuring out how we do it, that makes or breaks us.” – TK