What Happens When Companies Invest In Work Happiness?

Science-based research studies have proven that when employees are happy at work, the benefits to companies are monumental.  Saved replacement and onboarding costs, no revenue generating gaps and overall improved morale.

On a more granular scale, companies also experience…

  • Less time off from employees (aka. Sick days)
  • Self-esteem is  higher and stress is lower
  • More smiling around the office
  • A sense of feeling that they matter and they are heard
  • More motivated and inspired
  • Creativity blossoms
  • You attract better talent to join your company
  • Everyone works harder because work isn’t hard – it’s fun
  • Your customers feel the benefits too; they know you are a good company with people who love to work for you

Work Happiness is not fluff. It is a bottom line necessity.

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