Another 4 out of 4 Star Review of From Drift to SHIFT

Another 4 out of 4 Star Review of From Drift to SHIFT

Another Review of FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT. 4 out of 4 stars.

[Following is a volunteer review of “From Drift to SHIFT” by Jody B. Miller.]

4 out of 4 stars

Review by Janien van Rooyen

From Drift to Shift written by Jody B. Miller, is a motivational self-help book. No matter what area of your life needs motivation or inspiration, you are sure to find the help you need in this book.

This book will not only motivate you to become better and do more, but it will take you on a path of self-reflection, deep thought and many realizations. It inspires the reader to do some serious self searching, it helps to recognize problem areas, and it teaches you how to change failure and disappointment into success.

With its religious background and reference to God and the Holy Bible, the reader is able to associate with happenings and examples freely. This book manages to open your views on situations, making you reflect on yourself and somehow manages to eliminate the finger-pointing that comes naturally to humans.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In normal every day life, I would not be drawn to read a self-help book. I guess it has to do with having to acknowledge my own errors, however, this book has completely captured me. With every page I read, I realized more and more that change can and will not happen, unless I make it happen. My gran always said: “It’s all in the mind” and right through this book it was as if she was repeating those words to me, over and over again. We are what we think. We attract situations with our thoughts. Changing your mindset, will change events.

To anyone who is in desperate need of help, whether it be a relationship, a job, financial or spiritual, I strongly recommend this book. Do not expect to get sympathy on how you are just an unfortunate human being with a bunch of monkeys around you. This book will take you on a scary path of self-searching, admission and force you to take responsibility.

The author has a very unique way of writing in a way that gets the message across without making it feel forced. Firm but fair, which has always been my personal favorite way of doing and saying things.

I rate this book a whopping 4 out of 4 stars. The author is extremely talented and the book itself has inspired me to change and understand so many things in my own life. I feel like I can absolutely take on the world now. Well done on an amazing read.