Jody is the CEO of C2C Strategic Management. She is a Career and Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author and Corporate Strategist. She is known as “The Work Happiness Expert.” LISTEN TO HER TEDx Talk.

Over the past 15 years, Jody has helped thousands of people find true meaning in their work and in their lives. Jody designs employee engagement cultures and customizes collaboration and peak performance workshops for global corporations.

Her previous positions include Investment Banker, Strategic Consultant to Fortune100 Corporations, CEO of a Software Start-Up, Assistant Producer for a PBS Television Series, and Sales & Marketing Executive for CBS Television.

Jody speaks around the world and writes books and articles about finding meaning and happiness in work and life, workplace collaboration and moving outside your comfort zone to achieve peak performance.  She contributes to many publications, including EntrepreneurMagazine, CEO Magazine, Bloomberg BNA, LinkedIn, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Business Success Magazine, HR.com, Financial Times and YPO Ignites Magazine.  She is also interviewed regularly on television, radio and global podcasts, and hosts her own radio podcast, called The MISOGI Method.

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Jody’s most recent book, From DRIFT to SHIFT: How Change Can Bring True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life, follows the lives of seasoned professionals who have undergone shifts in their work and personal lives in order to find happiness and meaning. Her newest book, The MISOGI Method, teaches a way to break through the perils of unhappiness, regardless of socioeconomic position, to create a life of meaning, purpose, love and joy that we never thought possible. Pre-order your copy today.

Jody graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Sociology, and has completed creativity and technology courses from The Venture Lab at Stanford University. Her education gives her additional perspective as to the many ways we communicate with ourselves and with one another in our search for happiness and meaning in work and in life.



Are your employees stressed out, overworked and unhappy?
Is your bottom line suffering from employee exits?
Do you want your employees to be filled with excitement, purpose, and meaning?

Then we should talk. 

☆ I help companies increase employee engagement, happiness, productivity, and bottom line revenues.
☆ I deliver neuroscience & behavioral psychology backed strategies that transform your workforce. 
☆ I help improve corporate culture through happiness measurement tools, motivational keynotes, workshops, a proprietary leadership mastermind program, and bestselling books. 


“Jody is a fantastic keynote speaker with truly original and innovative ideas. She is an energizing and engaging presenter, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning what she had to share.” 
– Ali Aguilar, Operations and HR Specialist at envisionit media, inc.

“Jody is keen at understanding what people really want out of work and life and she transfers that knowledge to leading companies by helping them develop cultures where people want to work.” 
– Greg Curhan, CEO, Corporate Executive

“Jody takes time to listen to clients and understands what their objectives are. I found Jody to be detail oriented and to be a good problem solver.”
– Mihir Jobalia, Managing Director, KPMG

If you want your employees to be happy, engaged and itching to come to work, then connect with me to see if we are a good fit to work together! 

Call or Message: ☎ 415-509-4851 / Email✉ jody@jodybmiller.com 
Visit www.jodybmiller.com. www.misogiradio.com.

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