4 out of 4 Star Review of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’

4 out of 4 Star Review of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’


In from Drift To Shift I have been impacted by what the author try impart in our life and every day activities, what matter to us, our dreams of changes how to change and when to change and if we changed how can we continue with our journey to be happy. From Drift to Shift encouraged, motivated us how to endured pain, loss, failure to reach where we want reach in our journey. I also learned that up and down and challenges are part of life and pain, challenges, loss, failure are the lubrication that help us to change to move to where we are dreaming.
The story of Resita and Reid give me courage to continue my journey by following what my heart offer to me, one day I will achieve my dream of change no matter how the situation is all about.From Drift to Shift gave me strength and made me persistence to move forward without doubt, one day I will be myself and I will know the meaning of my journey.

The story of Emilee is the most painful and touching story, no matter how your condition is,be motive, have patient be happy for no reason. don’t give up always find a reason to live one day you will be self, you will reach the end of the journey to your condition and have happiness.From the story of Emilee I impacted with sympathy on how to help,motivate and
to interact with people that are suffering in unfavorable condition and to make a good impact to their life. Emilee story also reminded me of visiting hospitals, Torrey home and orphan home to see what impact can I make their life, no matter how little it will be it may impact some one life. Andy story made a good highlighting about the unexpected incident that may happen in the middle of our work and also taught us to be strong, do something that will remind you to be motive, don’t give up find a way out and have a reason to live. Sometimes it takes pain to drive us to what we are supposed to do and to who we are meant to be, regardless of any pain along the way.

I really enjoyed this book. In normal every day life, however, this book has completely captured me. With every page I read, I realized more and more that change can and will not happen, unless I make it happen. We are what we think. We attract situations with our thoughts. Changing your mindset, will change events.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in desperate need of help, whether it be a relationship, a job, financial or spiritual, I strongly recommend this book. Do not expect to get sympathy on how you are just an unfortunate human being with a bunch of monkeys around you. This book will take you on a scary path of self-searching, admission and force you to take responsibility.

I rate From Drift to Shift 4 out of 4 stars. The author is extremely talented and the book itself has inspired me to change and understand so many things in my own life.