4 out of 4 Star Review of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’

4 out of 4 Star Review of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’

Review by Abigail Oj — From Drift to SHIFT

Post Number:#1 by Abigail Oj » 23 Jun 2017, 15:31

[Following is a volunteer review of “From Drift to SHIFT” by Jody B. Miller.]

4 out of 4 stars

Review by Abigail Oj

From Drift to shift by Jody.B.Miller is a motivational book. It talks about change which is a constant in life. This change is called “shift” in the book. The book talks about how a shifting experience could lead a person to finding true happiness in their life. The book contains true life stories of people from different backgrounds who experienced shifts in their life journey and how they found true happiness as a result of it. The book also contains pictures and articles relating to the stories being told.

At first, I did not really understand what the writer meant by making a shift. But as I read on further, it all became much clearer. I found the stories really touching and motivating. I saw myself relating to a lot of things the writer mentioned. I also enjoyed the different topics the writer discussed towards the end of the book. I had a few laughs at some points. I appreciated the fact that the writer didn’t exclude her sense of humour in her writing. I think she did a great job expressing her thoughts and experiences on the topic. It is obvious she is passionate about helping people to find true happiness.

There were no problems with grammar and spellings. It was well structured and put together. Although I have to admit, i had expected something quite different when I read the description of the book and I was a little bit disappointed that it was not exactly what I expected but this doesn’t make the book less than a good book. My feelings are purely based on a personal longing. I think lives can be touched by reading this book.

I would recommend this book for someone who is experiencing a sudden change in their lives and also someone who is experiencing feelings of discontent with their present state and dream of having a happier life. I think the book will put such persons on the right track to finding the happiness they dream of and the stories in the book will surely be encouraging to them.

I’ll give this book a 4 out of 4 stars. Simply because I think it could really motivate someone. It was well written, void of errors and it was obvious much was invested into the development of the book.