A Workshop at Joyce Maynard’s House

A Workshop at Joyce Maynard's House

I once went to an all day seminar at bestselling author #Joycemaynard (s) home in the East Bay of SF. She is amazing. But what she told me was this… Your novel sounds interesting, but first you have to tell YOUR story. It stung, but then I did. Turned it into a #TEDx talk, lots of talks around the world, many books, interviews and more. If you want to jump start your life, business and sense of ‘I can do anything I can dream of,’ give an Unforgettable Talk. The course is filling at a one time discount if you sign up by midnight Jan. 1st. Hope to see you there. Dream big! https://loom.ly/9liDMy0

Monetization Nation Podcast Interview

What is the Misogi Method

Jody B. Miller is an international speaker, TEDx Speaker, and author of multiple books, including Drift to Shift and The MISOGI Method.

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss what the #misogimethod is and how we can find our misogi.

We will cover the following key takeaways:

👉 The idea of a misogi is to take a very big leap and make a #goal that has a 50% or greater chance of failure.

👉 Even if we don’t fully achieve our #misogi, we’re still much further along than if we had only taken small steps.

Listen more here: https://lnkd.in/gzjmyE_b