Listen to Millennial and Youth Leadership Activist – Bola Ibidapo

Listen to Millennial and Youth Leadership Activist – Bola Ibidapo

Bola, a millennial and youth leadership enthusiast, is the founder of two non-profits — The Too Fly Foundation, which provides travel grants and passports to students studying or volunteering abroad, and Queen Talk, which instills leadership and entrepreneurial development in young girls. If you believe in supporting leadership in our youth, you won’t want to miss my conversation with Bola. Download and listen anywhere

MISOGI Radio: The MISOGI Method: World Famous Ocean/Surf Photographer: Aaron Chang

Listen Now to Episode Six of MISOGI Radio’s, The MISOGI Method: World Famous Ocean/Surf Photographer: Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang is the Ansel Adams of the water. His photographs have graced the covers of over 100 magazines and no matter which photograph or multi-media sculpture of Aaron’s that you see, you will feel inspired, energized and more connected to the world around you than ever before. Download and listen anywhere!

Brittni Hutton’s Quest For The 2020 Olympics – MISOGI Radio: The MISOGI Method

Brittni Hutton is on a mission to make the U.S. Olympic Team and compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Her event? The marathon! Learn what it takes to be an Olympic athlete in a faster world, and join the throngs of people rooting for Brittni as she pursues her biggest MISOGI yet! Click on the ‘M’ above to download and listen anywhere.

The Best Quotes of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’ Book Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has posted reviews of From Drift to SHIFT. The stories in this book are intended to inspire you by learning of amazing people who have gone outside the outer most limits of their comfort zone in order to find meaning, success, and happiness that lasts in their work and personal lives.

If you know someone who is struggling to find what they are meant to do, this book can inspire them to make a change. It’s a great gift for someone you love who needs motivation and positive direction.

As an extension of From Drift to SHIFT’ and my TEDx talk, feel free to download the first few episodes of my new radio podcast, The MISOGI Method: Breaking Through Barriers to Achieve Meaning, Success, and Happiness That Lasts. I have amazing guests already recorded and lots in the queue for conversations in the weeks to come.

You can also reserve your copy of The MISOGI Method, the first book in the MISOGI Method series.

My goal is your happiness. Your happiness at work, in your relationships and with yourself. And when you are happy, success and abundance flow to you, with ease.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from recent reviews of From Drift to SHIFT.

 For anyone who desires a motivation to fearlessly brave life challenges and chase their life purposes. – Kelly Kellen

After reading this book, it makes me realize how lucky I am and how I am living the life that some people crave for in their everyday life. – Laiyee Xiang

The inspiring stories and easy to digest bullet points encouraged me to consider how taking control of my own career, living circumstances, or challenges I might face in life could provide me with a positive outcome, however out of control matters may seem at the time.  – AJ

What Happens When Companies Invest In Work Happiness?

Science-based research studies have proven that when employees are happy at work, the benefits to companies are monumental.  Saved replacement and onboarding costs, no revenue generating gaps and overall improved morale.

On a more granular scale, companies also experience…

  • Less time off from employees (aka. Sick days)
  • Self-esteem is  higher and stress is lower
  • More smiling around the office
  • A sense of feeling that they matter and they are heard
  • More motivated and inspired
  • Creativity blossoms
  • You attract better talent to join your company
  • Everyone works harder because work isn’t hard – it’s fun
  • Your customers feel the benefits too; they know you are a good company with people who love to work for you

Work Happiness is not fluff. It is a bottom line necessity.

Check out one of our workshops today and start building a happier workplace.