Lacking Confidence? This Free Course Will Help You!

The Confidence Course

Life is so much different when you feel confident.
When you are confident, you don’t hesitate to make decisions.
You don’t go back and forth on your word, exhaust yourself with the pros and cons. Instead, you show up, speak up, and stand up.
If this seems like a distant dream, you’re not alone. I remember when I didn’t have confidence.
I moved to NYC at 23 years old with $500 in my pocket and a beaten up car. I had no job. There was a huge snowstorm going on and I didn’t have a winter coat or boots. I slept on the couch of a childhood friend. I was pretty much at bottom. But something in me – a deep down resilience, made me trudge through the snow, day after day, interview after interview. I waited by the landline each afternoon to see if I’d get a call back (no cellphones then) and I lived on tuna fish and crackers (my money was dwindling fast – and so was the free couch invite).
I had a lot of free time between snowstorms and interviews, so I started to go for jogs in Central Park. I jogged every day right after interviews and before expected callbacks (snow or no snow). I lost 10 pounds. I felt better about myself. I accepted my situation as just one more step along my path and told myself that I would look back on this time with pride. I got confident. The rest is history.
I got into television, investment banking, strategic consulting and executive management strategy. I became the work happiness expert and I wrote books and articles (still do). I help thousands of people find meaning in their work and lives and I help many companies create engaging cultures where employees want to work. I am on TV, radio and podcasts regularly. I love my life.
And you can too!
There are so many people out there with the strength and heart to change the world … but they’re hiding out and playing small because they lack confidence.
That’s why I was so grateful when my friend Caroline Garnet McGraw invited me to be a part of a new video interview series about this topic.

It’s called The Confidence Course: How to Defeat Self-Doubt, Trade Perfectionism for Possibility, and Live Your Dreams.
I’m honored to be one of 30+ speakers in this series, and I invite you to attend this high-caliber online event for free. Register using this link: A WISH COME CLEAR.
This series is for you if – truth-time! – you’re waiting for permission, worrying that you’re not good enough, and not contributing your gifts to the world.
In The Confidence Course, you’ll learn from the best, including Olympic Gold medalist Samantha Arsenault Livingstone, #1 New York Times bestselling author and TED speaker Adam Grant, double platinum, ARIA award-winning musician Ben Lee, and many more luminaries.
The talks will shift your mindset, give you practical strategies, and empower you to bring your truest self to the table.
Claim your free ticket to attend here: ATTEND THE FREE CONFIDENCE COURSE
The series goes live on Monday, January 29th; don’t miss out! I wish I’d had this series when I was at the bottom of my barrel.
I’m so glad that Caroline is hosting this event and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Again, register for The Confidence Course here:
Here’s to your confidence. See you there!
All the best,

MISOGI METHOD Podcast – Episode One

I am excited to announce that I have created my first Podcast.
The MISOGI METHOD is very close to my heart. It is my passion and what I teach people and companies about in order to break through the barriers that hold us back from achieving our happiest, most productive, creative and innovative selves.

When we go beyond the outer limits of the outside edges of our comfort zones, amazing things happen for us.
In Episode One, I will explain what the podcast is about and talk a bit about the types of guests that will be on the podcast each week.
I will share science, research, advice and more that will help you get to the best you yet!
Episodes are between 15 and 30 minutes, with some lasting a little longer.
Welcome and I hope you enjoy Episode One. Please subscribe so that you are kept up to date each week.

Santa Barbara/Montecito Mudslides Update – This is Where I live

First the Thomas Fires, then the mudslides.

While I am safe, as I live midway up the hill in Santa Barbara, I am a short distance from Montecito and the mudslides.

I have friends who lost family and friends.

I will be attending the vigil this evening at 5pm at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.
Photo: Thomas Fires:
Photo: Highway 101 by Olive Mill Road overpass from mudslides (still closed – no timeline as to reopening)
Photo: Dog looking for survivors in a home affected by the Montecito mudslides

Yesterday i sort of bent the law by riding my fat tire bike on the beach and past the non enter zones. I did not disrupt any ongoing efforts, yet as I shifted over from the beach ot the railroad tracks, I saw a large crane digging out mud (at least 4 feet deep) that had trapped a van which had landed next to the train tracks.

The van must have been carried by the mudslide, over the freeway and down along the side of the tracks.

Whomever had been in the van must have exited when it happened.

I grieve for all the victims and their families, yet I celebrate the heroic efforts of the first responders, firefighters, police, CalTrans, Santa Barbara and Montecito officals, all the volunteers, the dogs who find people and help save them.

I am sad and still in a state of shock.

Please hold those you love close. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger and give back to your communities however and whenever you can.

Bless us one and all.

“If you let your heart guide you, happiness will always be yours”

From Drift to Shift: How change can bring true meaning and happiness to your work and life written by Jody B. Miller is a non-fiction. To start with, this is a motivational book and exactly serves the purpose as per the title and doesn’t deviate anywhere. The author has a clear way to convey her points to the readers by narrating real life stories. She captures the reader’s mind right from her thoughtful introduction along with the quote “We can let life happen to us or we can make life happen for us”. The book is divided into four parts which explains why you need to shift, when to shift, how to shift and the last part talks about what after the shift. The most interesting thing is the take away points in every chapter, which is the gist of the message given in that chapter. This is useful for us to reflect on the message. I was totally impressed by the final part. I can relate those messages especially which says, we feel guilty to spend some lone time on our favorite things as we think our self that its waste of time or we are not doing productive. In every chapter, the author has a real-life story which is inspirational and influencing in every way. They are not merely stories, but the struggles faced and how the person in the story had fight against all odds and chose their path of true happiness. The narration in the book is like the reflection of the author’s self-realization. It also reminds us to reboot our life from running behind busy life to relax and think of our inner self. Another important thing to mention is do not miss reading the appendix. I am a person who skips reading one. But this appendix has lot of stuff related to the stories mentioned in the book and it also shows the sincerity of the author and again I am impressed. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. Why i give 3 stars is that i felt there was a lot of information after the appendix with five small topics which could be included inside the book chapter itself if related, if not it is too much of information overloaded.
Overall It’s a good book to read if you really want a shift in your lives. If you are willing to open up and honest to make a transformation in life, you can read every single page of it.
I close this review with one of the author’s takeaways “If you let your heart guide you, happiness will always be yours.”