"A Practical Rendition of the Processes We Need to Follow for Happier Personal and Work Lives"

[Following is a volunteer review of "From Drift to SHIFT" by Jody B. Miller.]
4 out of 4 stars

At crossroads in my life, I grabbed at the chance to read this book when I saw it on the review page. As I read and couldn’t wait to recommend to everyone who I thought could benefit, I knew I had a classic for my bookshelf. Jody B. Miller’s From Drift to Shift is a motivational non-fiction that provides a road map to achieving happiness and balance, whether in our business or personal lives. From Drift to Shift is built on the principle that change can herald true purpose and happiness in work and life. With over 12 years experience as a Career and Life Coach, Miller presents tried and tested road maps that will enable readers to, as she puts it, begin ”to happen to life” and not let life happen to them. The book doesn’t promise to flood your life with happiness instantaneously, but encourages readers to take note of the signs in their lives pointing them in a different direction, and make that turn to avoid floating or ‘drifting’ with the tides. It presents carefully selected and germane stories of everyday people who have scaled through walls of depression, disability, homelessness, abandonment, disease, divorce, and have emerged on the other side, purposeful and content with their path. With the aid of stories such as that of Serita and Reid Cox – co-founders of iFoster, and Emilee – two-time cancer survivor and certified wellness coach, Miller deftly shows us the process of change we must go through to achieve happiness in our life’s journey. It prompts self-reflection: asking ourselves different probing questions on our life situations so as to unearth our truest path. As Miller says,
you will learn to ask yourself the right questions and to recognize the opportunity to pursue your true purpose both professionally and personally. When you do, you will find profound success down to the core of your soul.
The book is divided into four parts with each part presented through inspiring stories of individuals who found their ‘shift’ and made the turn to happy living. Part one focuses on why we need to make that pivotal change in finding lasting peace through purposeful living. Part two helps us identify when to make a shift and part three focuses on how to successfully shift. Finally, part four suggests how to stay the course once you have found your path. At the end of each chapter, readers are given a list of takeaways to ensure the vital messages are digested and retained. I loved the unique way ideas are treated in the book, showing us with actual people how to live fuller lives despite life’s challenges; and not the usual abstract and impersonal narratives characteristic of such books. Unlike other traditional self-help books which “tell” the reader about “fixed” principles that would transform their life, From Drift to Shift actually “shows you how” to use the unique events in your life to direct you towards a life of contentment. Miller herself shared some roadblocks she has had to overcome to let us know we aren’t alone, and that we are capable of taking that swing that will make us happier. I didn’t find a reason to dislike the book in any way.

The book was nicely edited; I only spotted three errors in the book total. The page design made it pleasing to read, and the division of chapters into sections enables readers digest the information in chunks. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because it is a practical rendition of the processes we need to follow for happier personal and work lives. And it did this in a simple language devoid of pretences. I am glad I got to read this book as it has given me renewed confidence amidst personal health challenges that have stifled my progress and ultimately made me quit my last job. Emilee’s and Jerry’s stories, especially, are my boosters when the bleakness threatens. From Drift to Shift has helped me re-examine recent happenings in my life and set me on a path to achieving true contentment and success. Except for children who might not get the deeper message of the book, I believe this book will be greatly enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are a student, housewife, executive, or business mogul, the stories in From Drift to Shift will guide you in breaking away from the fear that tempts you to go with the flow, so you can start to pay attention to the signs that tell you to swim the course to success and happiness.

This book will be cherished by those who need a pattern of success to coincide to achieve life-changing decisions.

[Following is a volunteer review of "From Drift to SHIFT" by Jody B. Miller.] 3 out of 4 stars

“From Drift to Shift” by Career and Life Coach Jody B. Miller is a self-help book based on a carefully chosen collection of inspiring true stories. “What are you willing to do for happiness?”, “Is happiness the same path for everyone?” were the main questions that bothered me throughout the book. Each story is special, genuine and enhanced with real facts, reports, photographs, academic resources, studies and relevant examples, also positive consultation. The flow of the writing is comprehensive with meaningful words. The narration is basically based on testimonials synchronized with quotes, statistics and scientific researches. It guides the reader to focus on optimistic signs in life, reconsider fate, karma, inner voice, destiny or intuition and embrace the possibility to go beyond and potentially to service of the greater good. Pervasive emotion is the main characteristic of the book and justified empathy captivates the reader. Amusing examples of famous people accompany the storytelling and new described paths lead to your possible, future self. Clarity, understanding and authentic self are targets to explore and obtain within the book. The reader gradually witnesses the transition from a miserable to a meaningful life and aligns with the perspective of the author. An analytical thinker would possibly regard this argument as weak and vicariously biased with information in favor of supporting the general idea of the book as sad storie

s with inevitable ending thrive around us and great things are not accomplished by anyone. Shifts are strongly bounded with our nature, either we accept it or rebelliously ignore. Nevertheless, a mother with a suffering child would love to read this book while she desperately anticipates at the hospital. She needs faith and strength, specifically, she hopes that miracles occur and shifts change life to the better. Statistics and logic are insignificant when a child suffers. “Good (physical and mental) health is the foundation for happiness in life” as Arthur Schopenhauer mentions. In real life, successful heroes trust their instincts more than logic. Genuine positivity abstracted from true stories and confessions like these hulk above the barriers that negative thoughts produce. Parallels like “David vs. Goliath” (Page 112) nurture the balance of inequalities. These specific stories fight against tolerance of unexceptional due to maintain a safe, daily life and accomplish action and inner, careful consideration. Even if one tortured soul while experiencing “the juxtaposition of feeling like an outcast in his own skin” (page 98) is saved, it has fulfilled its purpose. This book will be cherished by those who love true stories and need a pattern of success to coincide to achieve life-changing decisions. It is ideal for those that seek an inspiration of proved methods, suggested by real survivors and covet a challenge to reconsider their decisions and position in life. And if not, shifts always “makes or break us” (page 19) in evolving pieces, however. Dive into the challenge that life itself offers and explore the chances with gratitude to beingness. I will rate it 3 out of 4 stars. I am confident that this book will thrill its target audience. My best wishes to the author.

Written by Jenny Gkotsi

"A Must Read for Anyone Who is Feeling Restrained by Obstacles in Life."

Ms. Jody B. Miller’s book is a must read for anyone who is feeling restrained by obstacles in life. With the title, Drift to Shift, my impression at first was it was somehow related to being able to drift like a race car driver ready to shift to action. I was wrong.
Drift to Shift meant to be able to get away from just being like a rolling stone, drifting with the current with certain points in life to being able to realize the shift is happening in your career, your attitude and your life needs. The author lays out different stories of success from people she knew and how certain milestones in their lives have motivated them to be where they are now. They were drifting in their earlier situation, feeling helpless and sometimes hopeless. She tells us that difficulties are important milestones in determining your focus and your drive to shift. That is why this is rightfully titled Drift to Shift; from being helpless to make a change to themselves to shifting to achieve their true calling. From drifting to shifting, all was brewing up for them to achieve what their happiness lie. These people do not know each other but their stories have one thing in common, from drifting to shifting. At the very end of every story, she shows us some takeaways, which I very much appreciate. The words there are not new. The advice can be called clichés but it becomes fresh when presented after each story that it becomes a paraphrase of what we should reflect with our lives against the stories presented. There are only a few characters in the story and you will have to inevitably root for them. I have to give 3 out of 4 stars to the book. Though I cannot point it out, there should be some kind of shake-up. Some areas were lacking the command of my attention while some are very engaging. It kind of waned in the middle but picked up immediately with a loud bang in the end. I also saw some punctuation errors but I ignored it entirely as it was negligible and does not break the book. Anyone reading this review will have to check this out. This is a book that is more than a feel-good read but can be used as a guide to where your heart is. While I was reading the book, I stop and contemplate if I have made the shift myself which the readers will surely do after every story.

Are You Just Drifting Along? Here’s How to SHIFT Into Meaning and Purpose

Have you ever felt as though you were just going through the motions in life? Just drifting. We all can fall into the safety and comfort of our daily lives. These lives may have been created by others. We may have fallen into place instead of chasing our dreams. From Drift to SHIFTby Jody B. Miller shows us what is possible. We can start shifting to create the life that we want. This book embodies the can do spirit of success. If you are stuck in negative self thoughts, this book is for you. From Drift to SHIFT gives inspiration and shows us that when it comes to success it does not matter what your background is, where you came from, or how much money you have. You can succeed. Tear off the hundred reasons why goals can’t be accomplished. Throw away all of your assumptions of who winners are. This book shines a light on the determination and the tenacity of people who did not let setbacks hold them back. Jody B. Miller, a professional job and life coach tackles drift in our lives with clarity and sincerity. She proclaims “we can let life happen to us or we can make life happen for us.” As a life long learner and self improvement seeker, I enjoyed reading about the courageous people who overcame the odds to succeed. Sometimes we can get stuck in our heads and freeze. We may drift. From Drift to Shift is broken into four parts each building on the other as a type of road map to success. In part one, called why shift Jody asks us some probing questions to get us thinking about the path of our lives. She also quotes a Harvard study to help us see why most of us do not make personal improvements. Then she takes us through the lives of the founders of iFoster an organization that helps children navigate from life as a foster child to life in the adult world. In shift happens, we follow the life of Emilee a cancer survivor. In part two when to shift, Jody takes us to the edge of life and back again. Part three how to shift shows us we have a choice to make the most of the life we have. A chance to tackle the day and be kind to ourselves no matter what. The last part after the shift helps us cope with the ups and downs in life. Jodi encourages us to be kind to ourselves and embrace the path we are on and to enjoy the shift. It encourages us to connect with our past and enjoy life in the present. With this book, I felt empowered and motivated to make my own steps forward to success. This book is full of inspirational stories of people who struggled, had setbacks and were still able to reach their goals in life. I give From Drift to Shift 4 out of 4 stars. Everyone should read this book.