Book Review – From Drift to SHIFT

[Following is a volunteer review of the book,"From Drift to SHIFT," by Jody B. Miller.]
4 out of 4 stars
I like reading self-help books, and I was drawn to Drift to Shift written by Jody B. Miller by its theme, a book which talks about stories of finding meaning in life. This book reminded me of another book Shift by Wayne Dyer which I had read a few years ago. Remembering the book at times, I wondered if I would experience a shift in my own life ever. Reading this book helped me trust myself that it is possible. Real life stories where people make a change through sticking up to do what is meaningful to them. The book shows One can have a complicated story, yet still do what is meaningful, do it with passion, not being alone on the way and be recognized for the contribution. One can teach others to heal while persisting through trauma, again and again. A tribe is opening up to receive help from the outside so they can maintain who they are inside. This story reminded me again of why I go on a retreat far away from the madding crowd to pause, learn to let go and prepare for the things ahead which are more meaningful. Further, no matter what the change is, we can be part of something new. The book shows that if we have even one more day, it means possibilities, more chances to take action, to make a shift and find new strength. Also, the path to change is not a lonely one, but one where we can embrace many who are on a similar road. At times, I used to admire those who never needed to change direction in their lives. These stories though blew away my doubts about turning courses. The people in this book do not stick with what they are familiar with; instead, they face the obstacles, find a way and win. When I had started reading the book, I had wondered, which among these stories will speak to me the most, well, it was Darren’s. Perhaps it is his love for painting or his dogged perseverance and patience or his forgiveness, after reading Darren’s story, I felt like charging on in my own life and grabbing whatever I can to do what I love most.
A couple who chose to help less fortunate people than having kids of their own too struck a chord. Loved how praying and creating helped someone stay on course. And much more. I felt connected to the people in these stories and felt inspired to enjoy my life more, just the way it is now, in the present moment. I feel grateful for this. I too want to matter, or maybe I do so already, I am not sure. At the very least, I have got to show up. Perhaps, I too can win. Here is my takeaway. It’s the journey which matters, not whats at the end. If in the end, I know my path has been meaningful, that I have been able to make a difference, that is what matters; this is what I have learned from this book. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars as it spoke to me straight to my heart, to where I am right now, presently, changing directions, doing what truly matters to me and following my true calling.

Keynote Speaker – Happiness at Work Conference – Prague

So honored to be one of the three Keynote Speakers at the Happiness at Work Conferencein Prague. It was humbling to follow Emiliana, a PhD from Berkeley who studies the science of happiness.
Yet it flowed so well as my approach is directed at companies who want to see a ROI on happiness.
I enjoyed the workshop I did at Deloitte the day before as well and can’t wait to hear the results of their challenge.

Thank you Happiness at Work!

Prague Happiness at Work Conference

Prague has been fantastic so far. It is a beautiful city with lovely people, culture and amazing architecture around every corner.

I love the grey and white cobblestone streets, although maybe wearing heels should be rethought. I changed into my low boots in the evening. 🙂
I gave a 1/2 day workshop at a global company in the morning, about collaboration and creating great ideas to move happiness and employee engagement to new levels. It was a wonderful group of people who were very receptive to embracing change and creating a culture that makes everyone feel valued. I can’t way to follow up with them to see what amazing steps they have made.

I enjoyed a big feast at the Speaker and Sponsor dinner the night before the conference. It was such fun to change seating after every course. The only challenge was eating all of the amazing Czech food.
I tried everything and then rolled back to the hotel at the end of the evening.
Looking forward to being one of the keynote speakers tomorrow morning at this amazing venue.

Wishing you a #shift toward more happiness at your work today.

‘Drift to SHIFT’ Book Review – 4 out of 4 Stars

4 out of 4 starsReview by MweneniShare This Review From Drift to Shift: How Change brings True Meaning and Happiness to your Work and Life by Jody B. Miller The book cover can be deceiving, compared to the powerful inspiring message of the book. From drift to shift is a non-fiction book that can help anyone on the verge of making a much-needed change in their life. Narrating real-life stories complemented by research and age-old wisdom as found in the bible and other religions and spirituality. The book gives a deeper understanding of how the changes happen as well as how to make it last. Apart from this, Jody shares stories and hints on to how to adapt when unexpected changes eventually happen. I have enjoyed reading this book which looks at different circumstances in life that can lead one from drift to shift. The book talks of commitment, focus and determination in adapting to any circumstance life throw at an individual. So it can easily fit in with the self-help category. The book provides a powerful description of the process involved in making a change in life. Well structured, making it an easy read; it is divided into four parts on the ‘why’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of making a lasting change. It gives an insight into how the changes occur and the process involved.

Though change is inevitable the book shows how to adjust when that change eventually happens as shown by the different characters who made a positive change against all odds.What I like most about this book is that it provides a summarized account of the discussions at the end of each chapter. This account is given as takeaways that allows one to reflect and think. This approach by the author makes the book one of those copies that can be kept at odd times in order to glance over the main points to reflect, ponder or meditate.

, whether it be career or personal. The author notes that sustaining happiness on a lasting basis is what everyone strives for. The book set out to prove that it is not titles, money, or things but rather strong, close relationships which are the foundation of happiness in life. The language, as well as the tone, makes the book an interesting read. The characters, as well as the dialogue, are so real that anyone undergoing change would find something to relate to. The stories are narrated in a manner that brings life to the characters. I rate this book 4 out of 4.

Follow Up To One of the Amazing People in ‘From Drift to SHIFT"

Emilee blows my mind.
She survived cancer 3 times. And it was the rare, death sentence kind. It started at age 4.
I wanted to give everyone a follow-up on Emilee. I am so proud of her. Go Em!
I love this woman.
I believe in the power of positive thinking and getting through anything in life to love your life.
Emilee did and does. If you haven’t read the book yet, please do, because Emilee will inspire you so much!

Prague – A Magical City to Deliver a Keynote

I feel so fortunate that I will be one of the three Keynote Speakers at The Happiness at Work Conference in Prague. If you can’t go, you may be able to join online.
The day before the Conference I will be leading a workshop for a global corporation, headquartered in the U.S., with offices in Prague, and other locations throughout the world.
I can’t wait to share relevant stories from Drift to SHIFTthat can transfer to a happy work culture. I will also be showing them how to connect each generational workforce and will challenge them with something they just may never have done before.
Something that can take each person in the company (and possibly the company itself), to new levels of success and connection they can only imagine.
At the Conference, which will be held in one of the most beautiful locations in Prague,

I will be taking this concept even further and will challenge all 500+ attendees how to find their own happiness as well as happiness in their work, relationships and daily lives.
I am also going to get a private tour of Prague by a local Millennial the day after the conference before I head to London.
Wishing you all happiness in your #shifts in life, your relationships and your work.

20,000 HR Directors and Counting

I was fortunate to be invited to be one of the Presenters at Elevate 2017 – the largest global online conference for HR Professionals in the world.
What a great day. It was fun to see so many comments in the chat section of the talk and to interact live with so many amazing people who help lead dynamic companies all over the world.
The feedback was positive and consistent, but there were some who didn’t resonate. That’s what makes communication, collaboration and creation fun! If everyone always agreed, then nothing would get done.
It’s when we’re willing to be disruptive and move way outside our comfort zone of ideas and worthiness that we achieve more than we ever dreamed.
Get outside your comfort zone.
Speak up at the office.
Offer your ideas.
Smile more.
Engage in your life.
Appreciate those around you.
Thank you Elevate 2017, co-sponsored by Glassdoor and BambooHR.