Why Do We Write? Fame, Fortune or Love of Writing?

I have been writing since fifth grade. I still have the original black bound journal that lists (on the inside cover) every address I have ever lived.
I wrote poems, songs, short stories and collected inspirational quotes.
Now I take my years in the corporate world and write to inspire everyone to find meaning and happiness in their work and life. I have always written for the love of the message and to spread ideas that can help others. The money has followed.
#JKRowling is one of the best examples who wrote for love and then the money followed – BIG TIME.
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If you write for love, the money will follow.

"I enjoyed this book. It is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read.

[Following is a volunteer review of "From Drift to SHIFT" by Jody B. Miller.] 4 out of 4 starsReview by Sandra Rodrigues Share This Review This is a review about the book From Drift to Shift, How Change Can Bring True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life written by Jody B. Miller, a corporate executive, life coach and author of the books Hired! Expert Advice from a Leading Wall Street Recruiter and Hired in 2017: Let’s Make Your Job Great Again! The Work Happiness Expert. This is a non-fiction book designed to give advice and inspiration to people who want to make a change in their lives or careers. This book is divided in eight chapters. Each chapter tells a story about people who, under the force of terrible life circumstances, managed to turn their lives around, succeed and help others do the same. These are stories about childhood abandonment, surviving multiple cancer, losing one’s home and way of life, making a drastic career change, surviving a horrible accident, living with and thriving despite severe disability and prolonged illness. Each chapter in the book ends with a takeaway message for readers to apply in their own life "Adventure outside of your comfort zone", "Reach out and surround yourself with supportive people", "The core of life is joy. Seek joy." In the end, the message from this book is that we all have the need to feel worthy, loved, happy. When these internal needs are not met, we suffer. The suffering triggered by internal or external factors is the motor behind every shift in life. If we embrace shift and persist through the difficult times we will end up being happier, more fulfilled human beings. This book also highlights the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships in work and life as this is the most decisive factor to reach happiness and wellbeing.

The stories are very well written, very captivating and they really make you reflect about life and help you put your own struggles into perspective. I read a lot about psychology and self-help and, therefore, I can say that the psychological principles cited and the message of the book are in accordance with most of the psychological literature. There was nothing new or surprising to me regarding those aspects. Still, the book was totally worth reading because of its rich life stories. Andy’s story was particularly astonishing. It’s one of the most amazing life stories about survival and courage I’ve ever heard. The mistakes in this book are almost non-existent. I only spotted a mistake in page 87 in "dangling unconscious from him parachute". The formatting of this book was well done with a flowing narration and interesting stories that made it easy to read. I cannot deny the author the highest rating of 4 out of 4 stars for this book. I have no reason to rate it lower. This is a very touching inspirational book that is meant to pass a message to the readers to help them in their lives and careers. I recommend this book to all adults who love good books and good stories. I particularly recommend it to people interested in psychology and personal development and to people who are going through hard times in life.

"If they can, why can’t I?" Miller guides you to your own life defining moment…

4 out of 4 stars Review.
Have you ever felt that the choices you made at some point made drastic changes in your life? Also have you noticed the regret you went through for avoiding the chances to make the right choices when time was given to you? What’s the secret of successful people who seem to be making a steep progress through their choices? Why some people end up bankrupt & broken, cuz of the choices they thought that were right? Our whole life depends upon a probability. We have our own choice of staying conservative or being rebellious. Many of us struggle in our own minds pondering upon the decisions we made that lead us to our present state. Do you wake up in the morning to continue the major you hate so much at the university or the career that sucks the happiness out of your life? Do you feel like you’re a plastic bag drifting through the wind not knowing where you’re headed as Katy Perry sings? Then Jody B. Miller is speaking to you!!!! I would like to describe From Drift To Shift as a practical course that tempts you for self discovery, rather than a guidance book. The author has achieved the effect by focusing on a couple of real life warriors who have achieved success and happiness through a series of challenges & struggles. There are eight characters & the author herself speaking about the challenges they faced, the risks they took & how they overcame the difficulties along the way. The author herself has interacted with the characters and has done a great job at making the reader experience the feeling of talking to each character themselves. The book is woven upon four main elements; Why should you shift, When to shift, How to shift & The results of shifting. Each character’s story is segregated into these sub parts making it easy to derive the moral each story has to offer. I loved the way how the author applies individuality to the composition which paves the way to relate each character to one’s life. Even though each character had a unique experience to express, they shared a similar quality throughout their stories. They’re normal people just like you & me vulnerable to pain & suffering. But they stand out of the crowd because of their dedication not to surrender. Whether you’re failing in your major, profession or social life, Miller has the golden advice for you. " It’s never too late to shift . When you shift good things come in your way ". The characters of this book is the proof that she’s right!!

The writer motivates the reader to step out of his/her comfort zone & face their fears. When you continue through each moment of characters’ journey, you’ll end up questioning yourself "If they can why can’t I?". Miller guides you to your own life defining moment. When I began reading From Drift To Shift, I was at a moment in my life where I was unable to make a move to any direction with no clear destination left for me. I was on the verge of wrapping things up in my academic life. I had so many doubts for my major & career and I was too late to turn back. In the beginning I had no hope if this book would have any help for me but by the end I was convinced that changed had come for me. This book was a treasure in my dead end situation. It set fire to a flame in me which I never knew existed. The uncertainties cleared & I found myself in deep clarity. At some point Miller writes "When you have found happiness, you’ve achieved success" I experienced it on my own! Yes I can guarantee that this book made a shift in my drifting life. I’m sure it’d do the same to anyone. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars. Why? Because amidst so many motivation & self help books written today From Drift To Shift makes you exhilarated to go out there & find your true self. I strongly believe anyone should have a copy of this & reread it on a daily basis like a mantra. It’s that good!!!!

Thanks #TimFerriss and #ToolsofTitans

I just finished reading Tim Ferriss’s new book, Tools of Titans. It reminded me so much of my book, From Drift to SHIFT: How Change Can Bring True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life.

While Tim shares amazing stories from some of the titans of business, entertainment and success in the world, From Drift to SHIFT focuses on people that are titans of their own worlds of work and life. We can all identify with each person in the book and apply their end of chapter takeaways in our own lives right now.
You don’t need to be a titan to be successful, productive, engaged and happy. You just need some inspiration, belief in yourself and the willingness to take on challenges by stepping outside your comfort zone. Tim’s book inspired me and makes me excited for what From Drift to SHIFT can bring to the reader too.
These two books together can help anyone get on the right path.
Thank you Tim Ferriss, for writing such a fantastic book. I am so happy to be able to write a book that drills down to the you’s and me’s of the world.
Here’s to your happiness in work and life!

With the help of stories, quotes, counseling and meditation exercises, the book offers unlimited support to people who are drifting and desperately searching for a ray of hope to shift their lives in a soothing direction.

4 out of 4 starsReview by Sarah Tariq Share This Review
Life has many shifts, but sometimes you just have to move to a planned shift by taking some crucial decisions about your family or career to improve it. The book From Drift to Shift, written by Jody B. Miller and forwarded by Brad Feld, is an outstanding book to guide people to come out of the turbulent condition and find out a sparkling life and a right career. Indeed, everyone wants to lead a life of exuberance, passion, purpose and fulfillment. So this book shows you how to achieve all this. The author has divided this book into four parts. The first part contains, why shift is necessary in life when one faces odds. The second part deals with the signs of the shift and how to make the shift normal by alleviating sufferings. Third relates to, how to shift and prepares people that how they can overcome their anxiety and obstacles through shift to a different direction. It tells how you can incorporate a shift in your life so that you could reap its positive benefits. And the remaining fourth part deals with, what happens after the shift. The author quotes the stories of various people who, instead of drifting with their lives, moved to shift and that shift brought happiness and inner satisfaction in their lives. In the end of each chapter, the author provides valuable advises about how to deal with a difficult situation. The author is of the view that intimate relationships are the real source of happiness and if you want to move forward happily, you should never give up your efforts. She (author) has included the meditation exercises which readers can adopt to feel happy and wipe out their miseries and tensions.The “Faith beyond Reason” has been the most inspiring chapter for me.

The sufferings Sloan faced, and her strong faith in God to overcome her odds and move in a progressive direction is awesome. It is true that shifts are often needed during times of pain, survival or exploration. However, I am of the view that the decree of God goes side by side. Though luck and hard work both has their part in one’s success, without the will of God one cannot succeed. So one should do one’s best and leave the rest to God. So faith in God is necessary in order to lead the life of contentment. The book provides an all out, excellent form of counseling to sorrow-stricken people. The book is professionally edited and I could not find any affordable editing mistake in it. Owing to all these positive aspects, this book truly deserves to be rated 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book to all those people who need the right counseling and moral support to go ahead. This book is nothing more than a blessing for people who are passing through the bleak phases of their life and striving to move from “drift to shift.”

From Drift to SHIFT – Book Review

4 out of 4 starsReview by GathuaMShare This Review
Drift to Shift by Jody B. Miller is a non fiction book that contains real life stories of individuals who have decided to make changes in their lives, hence live a more peaceful and happy life. The author is able to capture everyday problems that affect people who are trying to find their purpose in life but are too afraid to make a change. The title of the book is very attractive since in most cases, for one to make changes, they need to shift from their current situation or scenario and make arrangements on how to better themselves. The book is able to tell the stories of individuals who have come from nothing to having millions. Their life stories enables the reader to realize that success does not come overnight. It also illustrates that for these people to reach where they are, they had to experience downfalls and failures. The differentiating factor is that they never gave up and continued to push on. The chapter topics are very intriguing especially how to deal with complainers in our lives and balancing work and play. Drift to Shift is an exciting book which emphasizes the importance of living your life without having to focus on pleasing other people. We live in a world where our expectations are superseded by other people’s expectations on us. Be it our family, relatives or friends. We always aim to meet their expectations that we forget that we have our lives to live. Hence the author urges the reader to ensure that they focus on their own happiness. Then and only then will they find their real purpose in life. The book would be very useful to all individuals particularly those who wish to make career changes or even life changes. Most of the problems we go through in life such as being divorced or losing a job, only become huge obstacles to us moving on if we let them be. This is because our lives are set on a perfect line where failure and mistakes are not an option. This leads to lack of self happiness and low self esteem, which then leads to depression and eventually other problems follow through. Taking a positive attitude towards every situation can help one view them as life lessons and learn from them. I rate Drift to Shift 4 out of 4 stars. The book is well edited and has a smooth flow from the first page to the last. I did not notice any grammatical errors that pulled my attention away from the book. I was engrossed in the book from the first page down to the last. The life stories of the individuals in the book, help illustrate what the author meant by Drift to Shift. The topics are also well arranged to make the book worth reading. I would recommend the book to anyone who intends on making a change in their lives or who needs a motivational boost. It is a book worth reading.