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Review by kislany — From Drift to SHIFT by Jody B. Miller

15 Jul 2017, 01:08

[Following is a volunteer review of “From Drift to SHIFT” by Jody B. Miller.]


4 out of 4 starsReview by kislanyShare

From Drift to SHIFT by Jody B. Miller is a non-fiction self-help book that aims to help people who are striving to better their lives, but are not sure how. Considering that we are all trying to improve our lives at some point or another, this is a book that should be required reading for everyone.

There are four main sections in the book, each going over the stages of “shifting”. Jody B. Miller, a long time Life Coach and Executive Recruiter, starts with explaining what a “shift” is and the reason why we should even consider such a paradigm in life. Next, we are presented with the best timing to start the change. Once we know the what, why and when, the author explains how to actually do the “shift”. And finally, when all steps are clear, we are only left with the matter of “what happens next”.

Each chapter includes several fascinating personal real-life stories that are examples of how people shifted from misery to a joyful life, and found their true purpose and calling. The chapters are concluded with the main points to be remembered, reinforcing the important teachings in the book.

We all start from different places in life, so shifting will be a bit different for everyone. From Drift to SHIFT is not a recipe cookbook, but a great motivational and spiritual tome that the reader will find useful every time he or she picks it up for additional insights. And each new reading will reveal something else that was previously overlooked.

The personal stories of people from different walks of life who managed to overcome their hardships are inspirational. I actually found myself searching online the names of several of these individuals to see how they are doing now on their new paths.

Whether people are born with physical or mental disadvantages, or they unluckily gain them throughout the course of their lives due to illness, disruptive relationships at home or work, or simply by leading aimless lives devoid of any direction, the book shows that nothing is really lost.

People can pick up the broken pieces and make something really meaningful out of the left-over shards. They can overcome almost everything life mercilessly throws at them. And there are plenty of examples in the book about completely different people overcoming their personal difficulties and going on to lead exceptional lives.

My favorite story, which truly touched my heart, was about Emilee who developed cancer at the very young age of four. After finally getting it into remission through radiation and chemotherapy, she encountered other life tragedies, including her father’s suicide and her subsequent bout with cancer at a later age. But instead of letting life take here wherever it wanted, Emilee decided to take charge of her own destiny and chose to get out of the vicious negative cycle that was following her.

Most of us go through life unaware of what is going on around us – or even with us. We are living on autopilot, stuck in a rut, mostly reacting to our surroundings in an almost dazed way, without realizing that life is passing us by.

There is a saying that “the teacher will appear when the student is ready”. Many of us will find that we are, indeed, ready to leave behind the bad habits and our bad histories, and instead advance to something better: a more rewarding and fulfilled existence. Because, after all, isn’t this what life is all about?

Written in a lively and engaging way, From Drift to SHIFT is a wake-up call to open our eyes to the many possibilities out there. We can transform a meaningless, drifting life into something powerful that allows us to reach our true potential. By adapting to the changes that occur around us and by taking charge we will able to successfully “shift”.

I freely admit that I am not a major self-help book reader. I often feel that authors just rehash previous lessons without bringing anything new to the table. Jody B. Miller, on the other hand, managed to captivate my attention and motivate me to take action, while giving me the courage to no longer be afraid of life, but embrace it fully, and making me realize that I am happy to simply be alive.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars without hesitation.

Book Review: 4/4 Stars

Review by seun doris — From Drift to SHIFT

4 out of 4 starsReview by seun doris

 From Drift To Shift: How change can bring true meaning and happiness to your work and life by Jody B. Miller is a non-fiction Book which is very inspiring, self realizing and an eye -opener book for all to read.

This book has four chapters which systematically explain the processes involved in shifting. The first chapter starts with the reason behind making a shift in life, the second chapter talks about when exactly to make that shift,the third chapter tells us how to make the shift while the last chapters ends with what happened after the shift. Each of these chapters were based on inspirational real life stories of different people who experienced drift in their lives unexpectedly but were able to overcome all the obstacles and find meaning and happiness afterwards.

For the fact that this book is a non-fiction book, i found it very interesting to read as it relates with different lives experiences with different challenges which one can identify with in some way. You don’t get to come -by this type of non-fiction book as always.

The book focuses on self motivation, determination even in the face of seemingly impossible situations where one knows that a decision or choice made at that point of ones life has a long way in making or marring that life. I discovered that the different people’s life stories were based on not giving up on oneselve or allowing the world around to dictate to them but they made a life out of no life.

Also, this book exposes one to finding happiness in everyday and all ramifications of life. It involves finding meaning to that situation you might find yourself and take the opportunity in it for us to grow, happy and still be fulfilled at the end of the day.

The author really did a good job in structuring every contents in the book, every individual life stories were properly structured in a very clear way without leaving the reader confused. The author was also able to share her own advise and takeaways at the end of each chapters which serve as a pinpoint even for a non-book lovers to want to read the whole chapter.

Every part of this book is very informative , inspiring and motivating even to the appendix part, i will personally want to recommend this book to everyone who might be going through some difficult times to let them know that it isn’t over until it is over and they can be happy without anybody’s permission.

I rate this book 4 out of 4, for me no error in the editing or the formats, everything about book this is just good!

4 out of 4 Star Review of ‘From Drift to SHIFT’

Review by Abigail Oj — From Drift to SHIFT

Post Number:#1 by Abigail Oj » 23 Jun 2017, 15:31

[Following is a volunteer review of “From Drift to SHIFT” by Jody B. Miller.]

4 out of 4 stars

Review by Abigail Oj

From Drift to shift by Jody.B.Miller is a motivational book. It talks about change which is a constant in life. This change is called “shift” in the book. The book talks about how a shifting experience could lead a person to finding true happiness in their life. The book contains true life stories of people from different backgrounds who experienced shifts in their life journey and how they found true happiness as a result of it. The book also contains pictures and articles relating to the stories being told.

At first, I did not really understand what the writer meant by making a shift. But as I read on further, it all became much clearer. I found the stories really touching and motivating. I saw myself relating to a lot of things the writer mentioned. I also enjoyed the different topics the writer discussed towards the end of the book. I had a few laughs at some points. I appreciated the fact that the writer didn’t exclude her sense of humour in her writing. I think she did a great job expressing her thoughts and experiences on the topic. It is obvious she is passionate about helping people to find true happiness.

There were no problems with grammar and spellings. It was well structured and put together. Although I have to admit, i had expected something quite different when I read the description of the book and I was a little bit disappointed that it was not exactly what I expected but this doesn’t make the book less than a good book. My feelings are purely based on a personal longing. I think lives can be touched by reading this book.

I would recommend this book for someone who is experiencing a sudden change in their lives and also someone who is experiencing feelings of discontent with their present state and dream of having a happier life. I think the book will put such persons on the right track to finding the happiness they dream of and the stories in the book will surely be encouraging to them.

I’ll give this book a 4 out of 4 stars. Simply because I think it could really motivate someone. It was well written, void of errors and it was obvious much was invested into the development of the book.


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