The Freedom Shift – Part One: How Baby Boomers Can Redefine Happiness in Work and Life

This is the first video in a 3-part series I have created called, THE FREEDOM SHIFT.

Part One is for Baby Boomers. Park Two is for Millennials. Part Three combines the best of both for a more fun, dynamic and engaging work life for all.

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4 out of 4 Star Book Review – From Drift to SHIFT

Excited to receive another great review of my new book, which comes out in hard cover and paperback this summer. If you pre-order you will receive your copy in July. If you would like a signed copy now please visit: Here’s to you shifting into meaning and happiness in your work and life.


Review by Ebe Read — From Drift to SHIFT by Jody B. Miller


by Ebe Read » 15 Jun 2017, 03:44

[Following is a volunteer review of “From Drift to SHIFT” by Jody B. Miller.]

4 out of 4 stars


Review by Ebe Read


I have not previously been a reader of spiritual self help books, but this book opened my eyes.

It exposes the areas in our lives that gives us trouble and indicates that for some people the changes that are needed come about with violence and unexpectedly while for others it is a gradual, nearly unobserved change that takes place and unless you are aware of the signs you might miss the need to change and be that much poorer and less fulfilled in your life thereafter.

The author uses the lives of people who have been forced in some way by life to make changes, some drastic and others not through the impact of life on them, but rather through their own awareness of need, to show how to observe the signs, follow the route and what choices there is to be made to achieve a higher and better life and a spiritual change that brings growth.

From Drift to Shift points out that man does have the capacity and power to change life, fortune and future for himself and others through his ability to make decisions and stick to them. With the exercise of our intellect we can and often do make the right decisions which lead to expansion as a person and in our lifestyles and the value we have within our culture and societies.

The sections in the book deals with the importance of knowledge, trust, the love and support of those close to us or just around us in our daily lives. They point up the need to belong through our own efforts or just as a part of something bigger and the impact of these things on our survival.

The Shift is indicated to be from one area of importance to another. In each case the shift is beneficial and sometimes only after several adjustments of mind and actions do the people in the examples achieve the happiness and stability that they had been working towards.

For me personally, this book has brought an insight in an area of my life that I needed to acknowledge and achieve change in. I am happy to say that I am very glad that I read this, as it gave me some valuable tools for improvement and betterment of my own situations.

I did however find some descriptions and vocabulary difficult which left me with some questions, but I am sure that it would be enlightening to someone who has more grounding in the concepts. I am giving the rate of 4 out of 4 stars as From Drift to Shift in my opinion is of great value to all who feel that something is missing in their lives and would like to make an honest and real change.


The Key to a Happy Work Life is Available to You Right now

The happier you feel, the more you will attract beneficial shifts in your work and in your life. Your resistance will lower and you will be open to positive change as opposed to negative.

Start small with simple thoughts.

This is a good day.

Good things are always happening for me.

I am worthy of having a successful, happy career and life.

Happiness and success does not require hard work. It is easy to achieve.

Good things are always happening for me.

This is a good day.

When you read FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT, you will be inspired by stories from amazing people who have found true happiness, meaning and abundance in their work and life. You may not think they will get there, and then, with a shift in perspective, thoughts, feelings and actions, they shift out the other side better than before.

I promise that at least one story will resonate with you and motivate you.

 I wish you happiness this day.

The Value of the Little Things in Overcoming Obstacles

I have a close family member who is in ICU at the moment. It was a sudden event.

Family rallied to her side from all parts of the country as quickly as possible. They stayed for as long as they could.

We gathered data. We planned. We shared meals. We told stories.

They have all gone back to their lives for the time being, and now it’s just me.

Each morning after a run to clear my head and fill my heart and head with good thoughts, I show up at the hospital.

I pick up the phone outside of the large double doors that open into ICU with a button from somewhere on the other side.

“Hi, it’s Jody. I am here to see….”

The doors open and in I walk.

They know me now.

The smell in the ICU section of a hospital is not pleasant. Bodily fluids, residues of procedures performed, cleaning supplies. You get used to it.

Wash hands, wash again. Put on the gown, mask, gloves. Wash hands. Wash again.

The people in ICU are on the brink. Some make it, some don’t.

My family member is facing huge obstacles. It’s the perfect storm of health issues, any one of which can end her life.

While I am sad each time I see her in pain; sedated to the point of little to no response; I am also encouraged by the small things.

A look in my direction. The squeeze of my hand. The obvious calm when I stroke her forehead and hair.

Has she made progress overnight? Will she overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that she will face today?

At first all seemed hopeless. There is no way, I thought. She isn’t going to make it. She has too much to overcome.

But as the days drone on, I realize that it is the little things that start to add up to progress.

The results of a culture test are negative. She is breathing better. Parts of her are starting to heal.

The doctors and nurses are like a team. Each morning they gather for ’rounds,’ and i listen.

They discuss medications, what happened during the night, if she is ready for the next procedure that needs to happen.

Not today, the doctor says. Maybe tomorrow. She needs more rest.

And so I stand by her side, hold her hand, tell her she’s doing great and stroke her forehead.

After a while, I tell her that I am leaving, but I will be back later in the day. She turns her head toward me. I think she hears me. I am having dinner with X, I tell her. She turns her head toward me. She loves this person. I am sure she hears me.

It was a good day because of all of the little things that add up. I believe she will come out of this. I believe she will overcome the obstacles she faces today and tomorrow and the next day.

In our work and in life, we must remember to appreciate the little things. They add up to success if we just have patience, a positive attitude and expectations of success.

Another 4 out of 4 Star Review of From Drift to SHIFT

Another Review of FROM DRIFT TO SHIFT. 4 out of 4 stars.

[Following is a volunteer review of “From Drift to SHIFT” by Jody B. Miller.]

4 out of 4 stars

Review by Janien van Rooyen

From Drift to Shift written by Jody B. Miller, is a motivational self-help book. No matter what area of your life needs motivation or inspiration, you are sure to find the help you need in this book.

This book will not only motivate you to become better and do more, but it will take you on a path of self-reflection, deep thought and many realizations. It inspires the reader to do some serious self searching, it helps to recognize problem areas, and it teaches you how to change failure and disappointment into success.

With its religious background and reference to God and the Holy Bible, the reader is able to associate with happenings and examples freely. This book manages to open your views on situations, making you reflect on yourself and somehow manages to eliminate the finger-pointing that comes naturally to humans.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In normal every day life, I would not be drawn to read a self-help book. I guess it has to do with having to acknowledge my own errors, however, this book has completely captured me. With every page I read, I realized more and more that change can and will not happen, unless I make it happen. My gran always said: “It’s all in the mind” and right through this book it was as if she was repeating those words to me, over and over again. We are what we think. We attract situations with our thoughts. Changing your mindset, will change events.

To anyone who is in desperate need of help, whether it be a relationship, a job, financial or spiritual, I strongly recommend this book. Do not expect to get sympathy on how you are just an unfortunate human being with a bunch of monkeys around you. This book will take you on a scary path of self-searching, admission and force you to take responsibility.

The author has a very unique way of writing in a way that gets the message across without making it feel forced. Firm but fair, which has always been my personal favorite way of doing and saying things.

I rate this book a whopping 4 out of 4 stars. The author is extremely talented and the book itself has inspired me to change and understand so many things in my own life. I feel like I can absolutely take on the world now. Well done on an amazing read.