This Guy is Happy at Work

This dumpster was just dropped off at my house so that the gardeners could cut down massive vines in order to reveal a beautiful wall beneath.

You have so much beauty beneath the surface. Let it shine.

The best part? As I was talking to the delivery man, I asked him if he was happy at work. He was quiet for a moment and then a giant smile spread across his face.

“We have started a team competition with walking. I am getting to know people inside my company.” He was happy. Work was fun.

When a company wants to build a great culture, it’s not all about the money. It’s actually the little things that make a difference.

I teach this to corporations and I have a feeling that his company (Marborg) is on its way to ‘getting it.’

Happy People – Happy Company

I shop at Whole Foods. I love that store. Wherever I go, I search for signs of happiness or unhappiness at work in the eyes of employees.

Why is it that the employees at Whole Foods seem so happy each time I come in, I wondered. Always helpful, never in a hurry. Consistency throughout the shopping process.

And then I saw it.

Signs on the wall.

AND a ping pong table in the employee break room, which was encased in glass so that shoppers could see that the employees were having a good time.

Now that’s a great cultural add! Good job Whole Foods. These are the sorts of things I teach to large corporations so that they keep their employees engaged and onboard.