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About JODY

Called the “Studs Terkel of our time” and preeminent “Work Happiness expert,” Jody Miller is a corporate strategist, speaker and coach. With extensive Wall Street experience, she  publishes regularly in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Entrepreneur. Her bestselling books cover finding a dream job (Hired!) or meaning and happiness in work and life (From Drift to Shift). She has always believed in the power of going outside the outer most limits of one’s comfort zone in order to affect powerful and positive change. Her new book, The MISOGI Method, teaches a way to break through the perils of unhappiness, regardless of socioeconomic position, to create a life of meaning, purpose, love and joy that we never thought possible.



what i do


I offer online and onsite workshops that address employee engagement, workforce collaboration and idea innovation. In each workshop, your employees will participate in processes that will increase communication and connectivity across teams, divisions, titles and locations. Participants will see their happiness and productivity rise as they engage with other co-workers in creating the best workplace yet. Companies will see retention costs plummet as employees stay engaged and onboard and watch revenues rise due to exciting new ideas that are created from these fun interactive, productive workshops. I also offer courses for individual employees who are seeking to reduce stress at work or find their passion.


Through Keynote Speeches at conferences, corporate meetings and events, I deliver messages of inspiration and motivation that result in employees becoming more passionate, engaged and excited about their work. I back up my talks with science, research and practical application. My talks are for any employee in any position and in any industry. Known as The Work Happiness Expert, my goal is for your attendees to leave happier, more engaged and excited to deliver their best at work and in life.


I write bestselling books and articles about work happiness. My books can be found in any bookstore and on any digital platform. My articles are featured in publications, magazines, newspapers and digital outlets throughout the world. I am also interviewed regularly on television, radio and global podcasts about my writing.

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‘’Jody has developed researched/proven theories for creating engaging cultures. Jody brings great energy and insights and is such a pleasure to partner with.”

Lorraine Ross

 Founding Partner, Microquest


'’Jody gave a fantastic message on creating a positive culture and loving your work. Her overview of generational viewpoints when finding meaning in collaboration was powerful. Our innovation community was inspired to go for the big reach and have fun in the process.”

Christy Connor

Director of Strategic Operations, Arbela Technologies


“Jody takes time to listen to clients and understands what their objectives are. I found Jody to be detail oriented and to be a good problem solver.”

Mihir Jobalia

 Managing Director, KPMG


“Jody was a tremendous resource for me while i was making important career decisions. She is thoughtful, experienced and understands what it means to be a good leader.”

Melissa Shymko

Founder, Collective Concierge


“Jody is keen at understanding what people really want out of work and life and she transfers that knowledge to leading companies by helping them develop cultures where people want to work. This can be difficult in global companies with many divisions and turfs, but she is intuitive and knows how to get people collaborating.”

Greg Curhan

CFO and SVP of Corporate Development, Providence Medical Technology, Inc.


“I had the pleasure of speaking at the same conference as Jody in Prague and she KILLED it. She wowed the audience with a powerful message, delivered with passion and integrity.”

Alex Kjerulf

 Chief Happiness Officer, Author, Speaker


“Jody is a fantastic keynote speaker with truly original and innovative ideas. She is an energizing and engaging presenter, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning what she had to share.”

Ali Aguilar

 Operations and HR Specialist, envision it media


“If you want to find real happiness in your work, Jody is the best at showing you how.”

Allison Miller

Director of Human Resources

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Here’s to your happiness!


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